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Alpha Base Operating Manual  22.11.2017 22:41
The Alpha Base operating manual is available for download in a prelimary version.... Details ...
Alpha Base OS update  22.11.2017 22:37
//Version 1.04 Last Step Global in Edit Mode off //Version 1.05 Occasionally filter rout write port glitches eliminated ... Details ...
Alpha Base OS update  12.10.2017 23:06
//Version 1.02 //1.00 first Release 04.09.2017 //1.01 Midi Velocity //1.02 Midi Split on channel 16 - every 4th note one instrumet is mapped to the keyboard ... Details ...
Alpha Base starts shipping  09.09.2017 20:44
Finally...the first Alpha Bases start shipping on monday... Details ...
Superbooth + MEFF  28.04.2017 23:50
The Superbooth in Berlin was a great sucess - thanks dear Andreas Schneider that you have given us such a great trade fair! A giant thumbs up from your old Jomox fellow ... Details ...
Resonator Neuronium relaunch  14.01.2017 17:37

There will be again a limited edition of the Resonator Neuronium!

Details ...