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ModBase09 + Mod.Brane11 new OS  04.05.2016 03:02
ModBase09 bugfix:
1.03 CC123 LFO 1 wave select changed to CC118 because of all notes off issues
1.04 Preset selection via cv as on Mod.Brane11
The second last en... Details ...
T-Rackonizer starts shipping  24.02.2016 02:28
Finally the T-Rackonizer starts shipping. Essential layout changes had caused the delays, but now we hope that you'll have fun with this little eurorack gadget.Details ...
Mod.Brane11 OS Update  28.12.2014 20:53
Mod.Brane11 OS 1.02 ist now ready for download Details ...
Eurorack modules start shipping!  04.12.2013 13:48
The workshop in Paris was a great success. The euro modules are rocking!
We have started shipping the modules.
... Details ...
Modular workshop in Paris  19.11.2013 22:55
We are happy to present a modular workshop in Paris:

Details ...
Moonwind OS 1.06  11.07.2012 22:29
Here is the first Moonwind OS update!

- The overwriting of the cursor by the level bar within the menus has been fixed

- There are 3 link types now whic... Details ...