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Once more updates for editors  29.12.2009 23:04
Right to the end of the year all editors and SysexDumper have got again an update.

The Jomox team stays with best wishes for everyone in the new year!

Sy... Details ...
Update for MAC editors  17.12.2009 13:29
All editors and SysexDumper have got a MAC update:
SysEx Dumper v3.0.5
XBASE 888 Editor v1.2
XBASE 999 Editor v1.2
SunSyn Editor v1.0
<... Details ...
SunSyn 2.0 Wave Editor ready  16.12.2009 20:59
The SunSyn Wave Editor is ready for download. There is a Win and a MAC version. Each of the 7 RCO banks can be rewritten by midi sample dump. The 2.0 factory waves are se... Details ...
SysEx Dumper 3.04  26.10.2009 17:41
The most recent Sysex Dumper 3.04 is ready for download.
SysExDumper  version history

Version 3.0.4 - Released 17/06/2009

* [Feature] &nb... Details ...
SunSyn OS 2.0 Update  15.06.2009 20:45
Finally - the SunSyn has got the final update.
The SunSyn has to be sent to Jomox in order to perform the V 2.0 Update.
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MBase11 are shipping  11.05.2009 13:34
The first bunch of MBase11 are shipping to our dealers!
Now you can also purchase them directly in our webshop at the list price of 249 EUR.
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