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XBASE 999 new OS  13.05.2008 22:11

The XBASE 999 has got an update to OS 1.31:
XBASE 999 OS History
1.01 Dynamic mutes (noise gates) on the instrument outputs
1.02 Bank switching a... Details ...

XBASE 888 new OS  13.05.2008 22:10

The XBASE 888 has got an update to OS 1.04:
XBASE 888 OS History
1.01 Black screen boot internal reset
1.02 100% mutes with soft mute bass drum
1.0... Details ...

T-Resonator finally available!  06.05.2008 22:11

The very first T-Resonators have finally arrived from production.
All existing dealer backorders will be shipped out as soon as possible. Have fun!

... Details ...
XBASE Rack mounting angles available  09.05.2008 17:26

Rack mounting angles out now!
For both XBASE 999/888 19" rack mounting angles including mounting screws are available now. The end cheek woods may be taken apart an... Details ...

XBASE 888 Sample Editor Online  06.05.2008 21:57

The sample editor for XBASE 888 WIN PC version is online now and can be downloaded on the 888 product page.

have fun!

... Details ...
Test Report XBASE 888/999  27.02.2008 18:55
The online magazine Amazona has tested the XBASE 888/999